Crafted in Belgium and trusted in Europe for more than 100 years, these beautifully crafted, hyper-efficient stoves have been in every corner of the world. They'’ve been proven on the slopes of Mt. Fuji, Japan; in the bitter cold of St Petersburg, Russia and on salt-sprayed, windswept islands of the North Atlantic. Now you, too, can experience the warm hearth of Efel.

Discover the stoves that have been keeping families all over the world warm, comfortable and happy while saving them money on heating costs. All Efel stoves meet or exceed international emissions standards, including of course, the stringent USA EPA requirements for wood burning stoves.

Every stove uses cast iron that is precision molded from rough-and-ready materials like recycled steel railroad tracks and pig iron. Internationally patented, double-layered and robotically welded steel combustion chambers (on “S” series). Expansive glass panels for a beautiful, corner-to-corner view of your fire. No low quality stove components from China (unlike many other stove manufacturers). Every stove comes with the tools you need: heat-resistant leather fire glove, a poker and any necessary handles. There’s even a bottle of touch-up paint (approx. 8 oz).