S33 Stove with Woodbox Combustion Technology
A Lifetime of Comforting, Efficient Heat.

The only wood heating stove with a programmable digital thermostat and optional remote control.

The Wood Stove That Obeys Your Commands: With the programmable digital thermostat and the optional remote control kit, you have precise control over the fire’s intensity, from the comfort of your couch. Select your desired temperature, and the stove regulates itself automatically. A calm fire, a roaring blaze or dancing flames: you decide.

Woodbox Combustion Technology: Internationally patented technology and rugged cast iron stove give you unbeatable control over your wood fire.

How It Works: Preheated combustion air (over 390°F) is delivered slowly and evenly over the fire, giving you high efficiency, low emissions and long, even burn times. This advanced technology also keeps the glass crystal clear, even when the stove burns on low setting.

S33 Stove with Woodbox Technology
Features and Benefits
  • Up to 80% Efficient
  • Cast iron body for optimum heat retention
  • Double-glazed window
  • Top flue connection
  • Internationally patented Woodbox Technology
  • Airtight firebox constructed of two layers of 10-gauge steel
  • Cast iron door and internal protection plates
  • Ash pan and grate
  • No electricity needed
  • Meets or exceeds international emissions standards
  • Includes fire glove, poker, handles and touch-up paint
  • Made entirely in Belgium (remote made in China)
  • Color: Graphite