Stanford 140 Non-Catalytic Stove
A Lifetime of Comforting, Efficient Heat.
The Stanford’s advanced non-catalytic technology ensures you a lifetime of warmth, comfort and superior efficiency. And, with its clean-burning Airwash system, you’ll always enjoy a generous, crystal-clear view of the fire. The Stanford 140 easily heats up to 1,600-2,000 square feet – an entire mid-sized home or living area. Stanford 140
Features and Benefits
  • Up to 76% Efficient
  • Durable cast iron body
  • Side and front loading doors
  • Top venting
  • Adjustable primary air intake for heat control
  • One-piece ceramic glass window
  • Airwash system for clean, clear viewing
  • Generous ashpan, masked by the stove's lower door
  • No-burn removable handle
  • Meets or exceeds international emissions standards
  • Includes fire glove, poker, handles and touch-up paint
  • Made entirely in Belgium, using no Chinese components
  • Color: Graphite