How They Work

The Wood Stove That Obeys Your Commands: With the programmable digital thermostat and the optional remote control kit, you have precise control over the fire’s intensity, from the comfort of your couch. Select your desired temperature, and the stove regulates itself automatically. A calm fire, a roaring blaze or dancing flames: you decide.

Woodbox Combustion Technology: This internationally patented technology preheats the combustion air to over 390°F and delivers it slowly and evenly over the fire, resulting in spectacular flame displays, very high efficiency, very low emissions (up to ten times lower than the European requirements for carbon) and long, even burn times (customers have reported burn times of up to 12-14 hours).

Clean-Burning and Controllable: Remarkably this advanced combustion technology keeps the glass crystal clear, even when the stove burns on low setting. With the optional remote kit (sold separately), you'll have something never beforeavailable in wood stoves: precise control over the size of the fire, with the touch of your finger, from the comfort of your favorite chair. Reach out, press the button and the flames will obey your commands. You can even precisely program the desired temperature. A calm fire, a roaring blaze or dancing flames; you decide.

Built Smart and Tough: Using a patented design, highly trained artisans and a specially programmed robot welder, Efel fabricates the Woodbox Technology firebox from two layers of 3 millimeter steel. The double layer design is highly efficient and nearly indestructible. The double-glazed window is safer and cleaner, too. Cast iron body is made from recycled materials. Stoves without Woodbox Technology are made entirely of cast iron.

Note: Remote control and woodbox combustion technology is found on Efel S33 only.